Babcock Ranch Post #415


The Babcock Ranch American legion Post #415 has several committees that do the research, obtain background information, collect information, plan, and put together proposals for the general membership to vote on. All members are volunteers, as are all elected members of The American Legion.

Post #415 Committees and Members

  Finance & Budget Membership By-Laws  House
Chairperson Charles Rankin Karl Werrlein Brian Newhouse Gary Bowler
Member Brian Newhouse Gary Bowler Roy Eckler Charles O'Donnell,
Member Roy Eckler Tom Talbert Jeff Lewin Vincent Petrocelli
Member   Vinny Petrocelli Henry Moreau Matt Shapton
Member       Tom Talbert


  Media/ Communications Veterans Americanism Building Athletic
Chairperson Tom Talbert Dave Matrisciano Tom Talbert Tom Talbert Jeff Lewin
Member Karl Weirlenn Roy Eckler Chad Luke Roy Eckler  
Member Vinny Petrocelli   Brian Newhouse